FunFindsBlog: Mama Mia!!! – May 13, 2012 is Mother’s Day

Wikipedia defines this holiday as follows:

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

In short, it’s a day you should be spending with your mom. Or, at the very least, acknowledging that great gal that raised you and put up with all of  your **** with a card, gift, phone call, flowers, or all of the aforementioned.  And, don’t forget all those moms that are now grandmas, too!!

In case you are having trouble thinking of a gift for your special mom, we have some ideas for you.

The first one is a reverse lip liner that is a very cool thing for a mom to have on hand when she’s applying lipstick.

The other two ideas are items that we are re-posting because they are such perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

The reverse lip liner forms a block to prevent the lipstick from bleeding out onto the skin. It’s especially great if there are some wrinkles around the lips.  The one from Cargo is flesh toned and can double as a concealer. The one from Duwop is clear so she won’t have to worry about covering it up.

Cargo Reverse Lip Liner                                                                      Duwop Reverse Lip Liner

Customizable Cell Phone Cases:

This is a very personal gift that mom will love.

She will be able to share her favorite photo with everyone each time she reaches for her cell phone.

Several companies provide these items.  Here’s a link to one company providing them:


Here’s another place to buy a personalized Iphone case. Try entering the code IPhone 1495 and you may be able to get this one for $14.95 without shipping charges.  You can personalize these with text and photos. They are available in black or clear and there’s no sales tax except in IL. This promotion was seen on BradsDeals.

We suggest that you shop around, too.  Other companies may offer better prices and additional options.

Travel Atomizer:

Your mom will love this since it fits easily in her purse or gym bag.

It’s also easy to take on a plane in carry on luggage.

It’s super easy to refill, so she can always have her favorite perfume with her.

If you buy it at Skymall it comes in a 2-pack with a carrying case included (the case is kind of lame). You have a choice of some fun colors for the atomizers, too.

They come individually boxed, so you can break them up and give them as separate gifts (without the case).

Good luck-it’s the thought that counts, but getting mom a unique gift is great, too!!!


About Karen and Susanne

Susanne and Karen are friends who share a passion for FunFinds that might be gizmos, gadgets, gimmicks or factoids. As a result we decided to start a blog that would communicate information and/or our opinions on these types of items. We hope that you will find our postings fun and interesting. Please feel free to share with us.
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