Chinese New Year and Easy ‘Buddha’s Delight Recipe’

Did you know that next Monday, January 23, marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year?  FunFinds wishes all those who celebrate a very happy, healthy year of the Dragon!

Following are some brief factoids about the holidays.

Chinese New Year is a time to welcome happiness, longevity, wealth and prosperity.   In China, it is known as the ‘Spring Festival’, marking the end of

winter.  This year is the year of the Dragon which symbolizes strength, wealth and luck.   People born in the year of the Dragon are said to have the following characteristics:  Innovative; Enterprising; Flexible; Self-assured; Brave; Passionate; Conceited; Tactless; Scrutinizing; Unanticipated; and Quick-tempered.

Gifts of money in red envelopes are exchanged as well as fruits, Chinese candy and a sticky dessert called “guo”.

Since food is often associated with holidays, we’ve included a link to a recipe for Buddha’s Delight, a vegetarian dish eaten on the eve and first day of Chinese New Year.  Buddha’s Delight Recipe


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2 Responses to Chinese New Year and Easy ‘Buddha’s Delight Recipe’

  1. Marilyn Rubin says:

    Thanks for the Buddha Delight recipe. I’m going to try it. Dave and I like that in a restaurant.

  2. So happy you liked the post. Enjoy the recipe.

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