Friction Block

By now, you have probably been to lots of parties and still have New Years Eve to contend with.  If you were wearing heels, you probably have experienced some very painful feet.

So, this next fun find is an absolute must have for anyone who wears shoes.   Friction is often the culprit that causes the crippling pain when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Just rub this friction block wherever it hurts and pain be gone!!!  Put it on in the morning and keep one in your purse for mid-day touch ups!!!!


It is truly amazing how well this works.

You can probably find this in any drugstore or even in the supermarket!!!

You’ll be looking for this product made by Band-Aid: Friction Block



About Karen and Susanne

Susanne and Karen are friends who share a passion for FunFinds that might be gizmos, gadgets, gimmicks or factoids. As a result we decided to start a blog that would communicate information and/or our opinions on these types of items. We hope that you will find our postings fun and interesting. Please feel free to share with us.
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